Social Housing & Councils

Social Housing and Councils

All our commercial painting and decorating contracts are performance managed and customer feedback helps drive continuous improvement in all aspects of our service delivery from a quality, safety and an environmental perspective.

We understand the different needs of our clients. Our responsible management and the supervising team have experience in planning out works to deliver a reliable, efficient and caring service. Our programme of works is designed to fit around the environment of our individual client needs with a strong emphasis on health and safety, performance and quality. 

Social Housing / Council Services

  • Painting and Decorating
  • Bio-fogging / Mould Eradication
  • Street Furniture

Biocidal Fogging

Our biocidal fogging sanitation is perfect for workplaces, nursing homes, tenanted homes and communal areas, factories, hotels, schools and more. Contact us to learn more and to book your sanitation service.

  • Filling the room with a very fine mist. The particles are small enough to stay in the air to kill off airborne contaminants.
  • Once settled, they continue to kill off viruses and bacteria on surfaces, even in the smallest of areas that haven’t been able to be cleaned previously.
  • Leaves areas sanitised and safe for use again without having to move supplies or furniture.

Mould Eradication

Mould can be a major issue in many homes due to excess moisture, which can occur for a number of reasons, and exposure can lead to a number of physical symptoms such as respiratory issues.

Our mould eradication service not only works to rid of mould but to keep it away using a 3-step process:

  • Use a fungicidal wash to kill fungal and mould growth.
  • Apply a water-based primer which also contains a biocide which protects the surface further.
  • Apply an anti-mould decorative finish.

We’ve tackled areas big and small, from severe cases to stopping mould early to keep occupants safe. Talk to us today about your requirements and how we can help.

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