Gee Cross Fingerpost Restoration

Gee Cross Fingerpost Restoration

When a local neighbourhood group came together on a mission to restore a cast iron fingerpost, a well-known landmark in Gee Cross at Stockport and Mottram Old Road, we were all too happy to help give it the restoration it deserved!

The neighbourhood group were initially fundraising to bring the over-100-years-old fingerpost back to its original glory, but as a local painting and decorating supplier in Tameside, we were all too happy to give back to the community and bring this local landmark back to life free of charge.

The fingerpost, which leads the way to Hyde, Mottram, Manchester and Sheffield, had fallen victim to rust and decay over the years, but as we have had extensive experience in handling restorations like this, we were confident we could restore it with extra care. After an initial prep, our team carefully repainted the post, paying close attention to the details in the cast iron. It’s now ready for the new lamp the neighbourhood group are planning to add.

The team involved in this project are also from the area, and had fond memories of the local landmark, so had a personal connection to this restoration. They were also looked after by the locals with plenty of hot drinks while they worked away!

We are so pleased with the final results and to see that there has already been an outpouring of positive response from the local community. Jane from the Neighbour Watch told us: “The swift actions and generosity of your company in just cracking on with it and getting it done, has brought much cheer to us all in the community and to quote one comment that was made on Facebook ‘a light in dark times’ .”

It makes use very proud that we have been able to contribute to something that has brought a bit of joy back into a local neighbourhood in these crazy times!

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